Romantic Bride and Groom

I want to share a few tips from a new bride to the future brides

Make the most of your day as it passes very quickly.

Your wedding will be beautiful, but not 100% as you wished in the slightest details. So, if during your day something does not go as planned do not be upset but enjoy the rest! You are the only ones to know the program at 100% , so a mistake for you will go unnoticed for your guests

Surround yourself with people who can advise you and tell you the truth. As a bride we often keep specific ideas to ourselves! An outside opinion can help you to see things differently.

During the preparations if a relative tells you something “negative” about your dress, your decor … listen to them (even if in the end you remain with your own idea). Because your choice may be wrong. My witnesses and my mother were a little hard on me, but after all, I sometimes changed my mind and I did not regret!

Make a wedding that suits you whatever the budget. With the help of a wedding planner.

Say NO

Sometimes, to avoid conflict or to please a friend, our parents or even our future husband, sometimes we say « YES » to things that we do not like or that we do not want to do! Do not be afraid to say « NO » it’s your day and you have to live it for yourself. It would be unfortunate to feel frustrated during the preparations or even the day of your wedding because you did not say “NO”.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

Wedding dress

For those who order their dress on the net, take a dress two sizes above yours. Better a garment a little big that can be retouched by a seamstress than a size too small that requires you to redo the purchase process, in addition to the process of return.

Center piece

Do not go for high center pieces event if they are beautiful, they are tall, and the people sitting at the same table can not see each other. Which results in less conversation.

No one will remember the color scheme but it is the day that they will remember. And no ones cares about the favors, or bothers to take them. A waste!

Do not forget what the day is about « You and your new spouse ! I wish I have spent more time with my groom during the wedding reception.


Guests drive really far and take time to be there for you, « make sure to acknowledge that« . I wish I have talked to all my guests at the wedding. Even just to say hello !

Seating chart

I loved that I made a seating chart. Even that was really difficult. I knew everyone was sitting next to the people they cared about, away from people in conflict.

The last advice : Enjoy it !