Elopement in South of France

The Ultimate Wedding Planner In The South Of France – Carcassonne – Languedoc Rousillon

Congratulations To The New Bride And Groom! Elopement in the South of France is a good option for a couple who wants to enjoy a great location and easy going wedding!

Elopement – Intimate wedding in South of France

There’s really nothing as enchanted and magical as coming to Carcassonne, South of France with friends or family to get married. It’s becoming increasingly trendy in recent years to elope in Carcassonne, which is only a short way from London but worlds apart in terms of culture, beauty, and spirit.

Come and enjoy the exceptional culture and magnificence of your intimate wedding in the unique location of Carcassonne, France. Our Wedding planner agency will go the extra mile to deliver you with your own unique elegant marriage celebration the way you want it, and the way you have envisioned it for years leading up to this point.

Our past customers have noted our extremely reliable attitude and exceptional attention to detail like never seen before. Experience it for yourself and enjoy the positive memories for years to come.

Your wedding, your style

We do not have a particular style that we adhere to because we believe it is your wedding, and we will make it exactly like how you, and only you, have pictured it in your dreams. We believe your wedding will always be the best-remembered if it is unique familiar, and also a part of you.
We do things our way own way, but in your way more. After all, it is going to be the most special day of you and your loved one’s lives. We are so happy for you!

A large array of suppliers allows us to accommodate any and all tastes and budgets.

First, decide the general theme of your wedding matching your dreams. Or, if you’d like some help, we are here for you to support you and guide you with imaginative concepts and ideas. It’s very quick and easy to contact us for help at any time you need us.

Our vision

We believe in quality over quantity and are not doing hundreds of weddings per year but instead, choose a small selection for taking care of personally and properly with as little room for error as possible.

Thank you for your time and again Congratulations on getting married.


“Just the two of us”

Once upon a time, a happy couple came to Carcassone, Aude, Languedoc Rousillon, South of France to escape the family arguments and the stress of planning a wedding, and to discover the wonders of this región.

The groom preparing himself in a separate room away from his bride. Wearing the luxury engagement watch. The lovely bride is getting ready in another room, out of his sight for the wow factor.

South of France Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner South of France
The “first look” pictures capture some of the great moments. Discovering the bride in her wedding dress. Just the two of you, falling in love again !
Wedding Planner South of France - Carcassonne
Wedding Planner MC Events Cité Carcassonne
Wedding Planner South of France MC Events
Wedding Planner South of France - Carcassonne

Tears on his eyes, sunshine on hers’.. It speaks for itself of the emotional feelings.

Castle Wedding Carcassonne
MC Events
MC Events Wedding Planner Carcassonne Castle

This is beauty, seeing these two so much in love. The groom so caring about his bride. You can see the sunshine on their smile and love in the hearts.

For a unique photo, the bride and groom were invented to a vast cellar of cremant wine production.

The wall behind them is made of thousands of bottles of the finest Crémant of Limoux. Considered equal to the finest Champagne.

Wedding Planner South of France - Carcassonne
Wedding Planner South of France - Carcassonne
Wedding Planner Toulouse MC Events
Wedding Planner Toulouse MC Events

A romantic intimate reception in a secret spot!

As a fairy tale happy ever after ♥ ♥ Come to Aude, South of France, and let your fairy tale wedding begin…..

MC Events is waiting to help you, get in contact with us.

Wedding Planner South of France - Carcassonne