Wedding preparation

Carcassonne Wedding

I have to prepare a wedding, almost a destination wedding: memories from a bride!

I married sometine ago near Carcassone, in the village of my grandparents. You would think a year to prepare a wedding is enough. So here I am, ready to prepare everything to merge originality and budget.

And well alone, a year is not long enough, especially when you do not live on site and with no experience in the field at all.

Living in the south of France, I knew little about the region. I used to come a few days to my grandparents and the weekend when my parents settled there. I had no friend or acquaintance of my age to direct me to a nice venue for my wedding reception.
At the time, the internet was stammering, so it took me several unsuccessful outings before finding the castle of my dream, for my big day.

Venues not in line with my taste, to prepare a wedding, my wedding!

Indeed the addresses we visited came from the advice of my parents acquaintances. And the tastes of some of them were not ours, a real waste of time, especially when we only had the weekends to visit the reception venues.

Because of my decoration choice, I slept very little the day before my wedding!

I had chosen to make round centerpieces. I had made a prototype with a support, foam, and a candle ….. fantastic !. Except that searching for the material for 20 centerpieces is not that easy. There is not always the quantity in a store. Well, once this problem is solved, it must be done and necessarily the day before. So on Friday at dawn, we had to get the flowers at the flower market and go for a day of creation. My lovely centepieces being very bulky, we could put only 8 in the car trunk and with the venue located at 30 minutes from my parents’ house, it meant several trips back and forward.

In short I thought I would had finished by midday. So then, I could take care of the chruch decoration. I went to bed at midnight the day before my wedding.

Music, research:

Not having the courage to go again and again to meet DJs, we have, on the advice of venue owners, contacted the person they advised us. We were lucky, my future husband spent 15 minutes with them on the phone and overall it was satisfying.


Everyone agreed, it needed vellum, with caligraphy, it seems simple. Well no! Difficult to make the family agree on one invitation card choice. In short, there were too many phone calls and outings, but at my place of residence, so easier.

Almonds favors:

For the favors my future husband was unbearable !!!! He liked nothing, everything was too ordinary or already seen …. the solution, create a souvenir bag …. and now that mom offers us a nice duchess satin bag with a very wide hem. And there, against all odds, he validates the model, the relief … But it would be too simple, he found a flat: the seam the hem was visible. This is how my poor mother ended up making 300 satin bags with a hem made by hand with invisible stitches … not to mention the cord that inevitably fray. So here I am putting colorless varnish at each end of the tightening wire.

The wedding preparation, pure happiness, not that much:

Even if the preparations for a wedding are a joy, mine seemed stressful, with too much detail to settle. Certainly, I was very proud of all my accomplishments, but that energy provided throughout the year, Looking backward it was too much for me. That beautiful day of September made all the stress vanish!

If the organization of my wedding was to be redone:

I would definitely hire a wedding planner to accompany me in all these steps. While keeping my originality, it would have allowed me to be much more effective, and all the wedding preparations more enjoyable. Get in touch with a regional wedding planner a dream wedding planner!