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The first look of the bride and groom

The First Look, as a wedding planner, I’m a big fan of First Look’s photos because you’re not in front of other people. So, it’s just for you two, and the symbiosis you get is fantastic.

Sometimes you even forget that we are there with you, one behind the camera and the other who deals with the style. The first look is more intimate and personal. In addition, you should know that on the wedding day, you spend little time alone with your future husband.

So, spending precious moments together for the “first look” is truly a unique moment, a magical moment. A moment of love that will remain engraved forever in the photos. Images to watch in 5 years, 30 years to share with your children and grandchildren when the time comes.

At the Church

During the wedding ceremony the photo of “the moment” can be ruined by a person who jumps from his seat in direct line with the bride as she walks down the aisle and hides her view and prevents the photographer to seize the moment, this unique moment.

At the ceremony, you only have one opportunity to catch “the moment”. “Hold on, we can do that kiss again, can you walk down the aisle with the excitement of the first time? ” It is not possible. doing the first look covers all these eventualities.

It is an intimate moment so the emotion is on edge, so the look of the future groom is naked and without embarrassment. Thus, it’s an intense moment between you two. An imperishable memory, embellished by the professionalism of the photographer and his quality material and his compositions.

For that reason, if you still hesitate during the preparation of your wedding, contact me and talk about it. I can bring you all my know-how in the planning of your first look photos during the organization of your wedding.

The little anecdote, the first look will help to create lovely memories

While, we were in front of the window of the bride, just writing these lines, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. But it was not Romeo and Juliette. Marisa stop wondering and come back to reality!

The bride was on the balcony and her groom was moving slowly towards her, he touched her shoulder, she turned and tears fell down from his eyes. She gently stroked his hair. It was a very strong moment when we witnessed that a very serious and discreet man could show so much emotion. They intertwined and fell in love with each other again.

So, we let them live the moments of pure emotions and after we called them by their name, they turned back to us and burst out with laughter. For a moment they were wrapped in their love and we had been totally forgotten, it was beautiful.

That is, the emotion of that moment was so intense that their world is was just the two of them. To witnesses, moments like this are pure happiness for a wedding planner. You’ll remember that moment forever because it’s so emotionally charged, it’s incredibly intense.

Guest behavior

The attitude of the people facing the request to stop taking pictures during the ceremony; Some agree others continue to take pictures sneakily, hilariously. Not that much.

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